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Adrian –

Victim Location 43537

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Received 7 calls within 8 hours from this number. Each time I picked up to explain that they needed to take me off their list it resulted in a disagreement with the person calling. It was men with a middle eastern accent calling telling me their names were Eric, John and Mike. They asked for personal medical information that I refused to give them. They would become more adamant that they were just trying to help me and that they knew I had chronic pain and they even had my birthday. I informed them they were violating HIPPPA laws and they asked why I was refusing FREE help. I asked them where they were calling from and they one guy told me he was located in my state "Ohama" when I asked his again were he was he gave me the same answer. I said corrected him he tried to say that he was looking at some papers on his desk and was distracted and accidentally used the wrong name. I told him I would not share personal information with him and each time I tried to end the phone call or request I be taken off their call list they would become agitated and ask why I would refuse free help. I tried to not answer calls but they kept calling over and over again. They never got to asking for money becasue I would not let them get to that part of the call.

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