Elite Support Group LLC

Elite Support Group LLC Scam or Legit? Check Elite Support Group LLC Reviews below.
Alexandra –

Victim Location 85138

Total money lost $20.75

Type of a scam Tech Support

I checked my act every morning and found an account in the negative. I checked and transferred cash etc. then noticed it was my husbands card to a service we never signed up for looked them up online using the reference on the pull. They automatically knew it was my husband name and info. They said it was attached to DISH. Then when I asked to speak to his manager it transferred to DISH. Then we reported the Fraud. They have an official looking site. the number has someone who answers it. But it’s a scam they stole his info from either party DISH or Centurylink since they are attached services. Then started with .75. with a different name, then 19.99 its small but it was building. Please report them and help spread the word.

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