Elizabeth Rodriguez

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Victim Location 27260

Type of a scam Romance

This person contacted me through "Match.com.Built up a relationship with me through texting and google hangout’s. Claimed they had their own construction business witch they ran out of their home. After about a month of promising they were coming to meet me and talk about marriage, they all of a sudden wanted to know how financially stable I was. And wanted to know how much money I made. When I told them I was uncomfortable disusing my salary with strangers, and that when we meet in person that is something we could discuss then. That same week they came up with a story about needing, to borrow money to complete this construction project she landed in a country called Cyprus. And she even e-mail me a copy of the award certificate that indicated she would be paid $7000.00 if I would just loan her 3000.00 she would pay me back with interest. When I refused she claimed that she would loose this contract by a certain time if she didn’t come up with this amount to buy construction material to send to Cyprus. Then she came up with another scam and said can you let me borrow, 1000.00 and I will pay you back with interest before the end of the week, because she had raised the other amount by selling her cell phone and taking out a loan own her car. When I refused that amount she again asked me for 750.00 because that was all she needed to finish a job here in the US and she just needed more marble to finish and even sent me phony pics of a man standing beside an kitchen counter top, and a F/P in a living room with some construction material beside of it. She even had the nerve to ask me to wire the money to her through "Money Gram" to; 24 Thomas Str. Lagos Nigeria, 23401. She said this was who she was getting her Construction materials from. Look out for this dating scams especially on "Match". I think since this happened back in April, she has gone back on and changed her picture. She also claims she can’t speak good English and that is why she likes to talk through Google Hanghout’s. When she chats on these sights she drops the letter, "a" in the word ‘are’. She also claims she can’t video chat with you because her "laptop" does not have a "Web Cam". Another lie.

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