Elliott Walter, My Top Tier Bus.

Elliott Walter, My Top Tier Bus. Scam or Legit? Check Elliott Walter, My Top Tier Bus. Reviews below.
Tabitha –

Victim Location 44709

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop froze & a message popped up to call this # 1-844-845-4227. I thought it was from Microsoft Malware. The message kept coming up. When I called the number, he said he was from Microsoft, in India. I gave him acct#’s, emails, password, then he wanted to charge $149 to fix the errors, then another fee to put Anti Virus software on. My credit card didn’t go through the first time, so he suggested another way of billing. It was to a Walmart Money Exchange, in his name, not Microsoft. After I hung the phone up, I called my credit card company to stop any charges. In the beginning I gave him remote access, so I turned our Wireless off! Today the caller called my home & cell number, & the number that came up was Skype caller: 661-748-0240. Name was: Elliott Walter, My Top Tier Bus. , from Bakersfield, CA. They called at least 8 times & started saying they already had our money, calling my husband & myself aweful names. Finally, my husband hung up, after arguing with this man. Now I need to have my computer fixed which will take 4 to 5 days to fix what they’ve done, however, the worst part is I gave them information, which I hope they haven’t done anything yet, since I unplugged pc, and WiFi was stopped over night. Please send a report or whatever you need to do! I hope no one else is scammed by these people!

Thank you for your time!

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