Emahni Herring

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Mayra –

Victim Location 19143

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Other

I am being scammed by usps. I sent $750 to public grant research center. I sent them a letter asking refund. They were to give me 360,000 back. I sent $20 to companies in new york that gave me a check for 15,000 and another for 47,000. I have given them to the bank they kept the checks and told me about scam. I asked post office to stop sending me these mailing for which they are not giving my money back. They send cross word puzzles things from australia i sent $10. It just been adding up waiting almost 2 years to receive nothing. I told them i am in the chance of becoming homeless and getting my hopes up waiting for what someone else said to me about how i can get money just stab me in my back. My emails associate are now down. But i received scam stating about receiving consignment packages and atm card but send them a fee. [email protected] [email protected] lastly, i have been placing orders for samples and i dont think i received all of my samples. Because if i have a confirm all delieveries and google i have no control of google. I have called to have my name removed because i cant get jobs if they are requesting background information. I sent $60 to ebay in exchange for prop money and $10 to amazon for a paper cutter. I havent gotten my money back also, discountrubberstamps.com i called to get a refund for $5 because they havent sent my money back. Everything i send out to the post office is being rerouted and sent to recovery department and not to my destination. My mail is being opened and stolen. I need help. To get my money back and to be removed

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