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Ramon –

Victim Location 33647

Type of a scam Employment

I accidentally replied with my resume to a job offer via email that was in my spam folder. It seemed completely legitimate, but the next day I went back and looked at the ‘From’ field and it was some crazy email address, so scam. Then, a week or so later, I got an email saying "Thank you for your interest in the job, fill out this application and let’s go from there". Now, I couldn’t connect this new email with the scam one because I am currently searching for a job, so I thought that maybe it was from some company to which I applied. So we go back and forth and they give me papers to sign to be a contract employee for a month, then they tell me about the training program.

So the training program was for 4 weeks. You get one packet each day, then on Friday you take a test. This is a docx file they send, then you fill it out and send it back by Monday. The tests were reasonably difficult (1hr to complete) and required pouring over the documents to find information. This was a shipping company (EON Express) and the documents were info on what they do and don’t ship, etc. After the training they said I was guaranteed $2400, $5400 if I did really well (which meant sending back the tests quickly and answering a lot of questions correctly).

After the first week, my handler emailed me and said that he had talked to another department about a short job for me before the training was complete. He said that people usually take this kind of offer since it means extra pay. This email did not specify what the job was, who was offering the job, or any real information. This was my first major red flag.

Red Flags:

Now there were other red flags, but the job offer was for $86k/yr so I was hoping it wasn’t a scam. They hadn’t asked for money or for my SSN or anything they couldn’t have gotten from the internet. Except for my DOB. Might have *** ** on that one.

One flag was the font they used in their emails. Some emails from this guy (Greggory) were in a very normal professional font, while others were in an almost typewriter font. I attributed this to maybe he used a few different programs for emails and blew it off. After I realized it was a scam, it occurred to me that he must’ve had a collections of files he was copying from as scripts, and when he was actually emailing me himself he used the typewriter font.

Now another flag I missed was the phone number. His phone number on his emails was the same as the number of the HR woman who contacted me via email initially, Whitney. This was also the only number listed on their website (http://eonexpress.com/). Now I realize that my first action with all of this should have been to call this number, but I didn’t. When you do call the number, it’s a clearly Indian man saying a brief message. There is no secretary.

I’ve called several times and it is Gregory’s voice going straight to voice message. He has called me once and left a voice message on my cell so I know it was his voice. Today I tried looking up their website and get a DNS ERROR and have received it multiple times.

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