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Jeffery –

Victim Location 78201

Type of a scam Identity Theft

So when you call equifax there call center is in INDIA! Which is huge on identity theft. I had to freeze my credit report due to some identity issues, which equifax had a security breach. I had to unfreeze temporarily and the first person I spoke with from EQUIFAX, he gave me a different to call. I called and the first thing he’s asking for is credit card information and tried to explain to him I don’t have a number to give and that’s not my issue. He kept trying so I hung up. And this is supposed to be the legit EQUIFAX, which I believe the first guy gave me scam number! So I try to recover my info online but it wouldn’t let me so I called the online help number and this person says the same thing there’s a different number to call and gives me the number,WHICH HAPPENS NOT TO BE THE SAME NUMBER THE OTHER GUY GAVE ME! But the same department I apparently called the first time. So I called and this time the call was different automated with information about what you needed to do and wait for the next representative, the first call had nothing like this one. I spoke with a lady named"Betty" with a heavy Indian accent but she helped me. No problems no activity on my credit or my phone number.

Next day (today)the creditor that’s trying to run my credit is telling me it’s not working so I call equifax to find out why! This guy gets all my info even my middle name, d.o.b,social, address all of it and tells me it’s unfrozen and has the right info only equifax knows. So I’m like ok I had to call different number,fine. Dealt with the problem. AS SOON AS I GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM IN INDIA I HAVE ALL THESE TEXTS AND EMAIL TELLING ME I SIGNED UP FOR A REALTOR COMPANY TELLING ME WE IM LOOKING FOR HOUSES N THEY CAN HELP ME! B.S

Point is this is a credit company and as Americans we can’t get help when there call center is in INDIA and these ppl are selling our information to there "friends" scammers. Look at the security breach. And no one is protecting us

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