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Patrick –

Victim Location 89431

Type of a scam Other

I’m moving into a new apartment in about a week and received an e-mail, seemingly from the apartment leasing office telling me that renter’s insurance is required for their tenants and that they suggested using eRenterPlan. I called the supplied number to get a quote (it was Sunday and the real leasing office was closed) and the customer service representative kept asking me for information, including my new address, my name and e-mail, and the name and contact information of anyone else who would be living there. I kept replying that I just wanted a quote for the cost of renter’s insurance and would give them this additional information if I decided to get it from them. After the third time of my telling her this, the customer service representative hung up on me. This all seemed fishy to me, so I read over my contract again to see how I had missed the clause that renter’s insurance was required. I didn’t see it in there, unless I have a waterbed on a upper-floor apartment. The next day I called the leasing office to ask about their requirements for renter’s insurance and was told that, while encouraged, it is not required. I told them about the e-mail I received and was told that it didn’t come from them. I have now forwarded the e-mail to my leasing office so they can see what I received.

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