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Bethany –

Victim Location 37412

Type of a scam Employment

Was contacted by scammer who said they received my info from ZipRecruiter. They claim to represent a host of Fortune 500 companies including Verizon and Xfinity, etc. I asked a Marketing freelancer friend of mine what she knew about them and she’d never heard of them, despite working with most marketing businesses in town. When I arrived at the location, the business name/suite number were not listed on the outside signage, although all the other units were specified. When I asked the woman interviewing me how much travel would be involved she said “as much as you want.” When I asked about their marketing focus, she said they exclusively work for Fortune 500 companies, none local, and employees get to choose what company they want to rep. I asked what the day to day tasks of the position would be and she refused to answer, saying that was something that was only discussed in the second interview. I couldn’t even get a clear answer on what job I was interviewing for. They called me 2 hours after the interview to say I’d passed through to the second round and I declined saying I’d gotten another job, then reported them to Verizon’s fraud department since I’m a customer of theirs. I hope no one gives them their SSN.

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