Exotic Short Hairs Kitties

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Taryn –

Victim Location 86327

Total money lost $689.39

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased an Exotic Short Hair Persian using Paypal to make payments according to directions of Seller using Family/Friendly total amount paid was $689.39, which was to include van service to my front door. I told Seller that cat would have to be shipped into Phoenix AZ and it was 113 degrees so special crates would have to be used. Ad said that special crates would be used Thermal Control Crates to keep the pet comfortable during the trip. Shipping was to be free but since I lived in Prescott 87 miles from Phoenix it would cost an extra $50.00 for transport. I paid the extra fifty for the transport and six hundred for the kitty. Kitty was to be shipped out next day and delivered that night at nine o’clock. The next day I received a telephone call from Amarex Pet Service that the airlines would not allow cat carrier and I needed to pay for a Thermal Control Carrier $1950.00 of which I would receive 95% back when crate was returned. I told caller I was not going to pay the difference that he would need to contact seller as Thermal Carrier was to be included in the price. I called seller, he text me back as he said he was at work, saying he didn’t have $1950.00 in his account he was at work and I told him I didn’t have that much money either he would have to work it out with Amarex. I didn’t hear anything for four hours at which time I called Amarex Pet Transport, the person started yelling at me that the cat missed the flight and they were waiting for me to call and send them $1950.00 for crate rental. I told him not to yell at me and hung up. I immediately called my bank and told them to stop payment on Paypal payments and I called Paypal and told them to stop payments but Paypal told me that since I used the Family/Friend service there was not any insurance included and they couldn’t stop payment. The Seller obviously knew this as he said to used that payment sight. This was total rip off scam and I hope charges are filed and these people go to jail. It seems that I am not the only person and I found several websites selling Bengal Kittens that the people were ripped off and several puppy people that were ripped off. These people are thieves.

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