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Steve –

Victim Location 32210

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

Hi I don’t know how star to tell you guys when you’re desperate for a job thinking that you was careful enough to identify this phantom company that make seen so real that you work hard because you have to pay your bills but when it’s time to get paid nothing the person that you supposed to get in touch vanished you text,call send email and you last resources look for the company support information to sent another email and comeback as destination not found that when I started digging to see what I can found and for my surprise all that feeling the you encounter become reality when you find out that all this time you was a victim of scam artist.

The public a virtual office well put, together the talking about the partnership with the biggest company like Amazon,Bestbuy, EBay, Wal-Mart etc and when you star reading about how, they start ,how many years they been in the market and about the foundation of the company you said to your self ok thi’s a legit and recognize company but when you finally realized and check they credentials in everything comeback as fake so all your bills accumulated on you and you in your way to have an eviction notice because you was expecting that money to pay that when reality check take place and you don’t know what to do therefore you reported so this doesn’t happen to nobody else.

So anybody who dealing with the same situation don’t get discouraged by this just before you put your self in the predicaments just be inform about the company.

God Bless anybody who is in the same situation.

ATT: Anonymous

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