Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc.

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Jermaine –

Victim Location 75686

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was contacted last week on my cell by Meghan Cuomo of Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc., 1007 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025 wanting to "potentially" buy my Unlimited Vacation Club membership. Mind you, this is not a traditional timeshare so I was wondering A) how she got my info and B) why they would be interested in paying double the price after some of the benefits have expired. She did not seem to know much about the property or our contract amount. So she requested documents from us detailing the contract and confirming the legitimate owner. The original contract was sent to Meghan Cuomo at the following email as requested, “[email protected]”. No monies were requested up front, the unnamed buyer was to pay all costs and fees. The only costs mentioned so far are a 7% sales commission, which will be taken from the escrow.

The acceptance letter offered $17,700 well above the $8,600 originally paid. I declined the offer.


NOTICE: There is another company in Hawaii with the same company name, “Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc.” which is not affiliated with our broker firm. Our company is located in New York, NY. And shares no relation with this Hawaii based company.


*Signing this document in no way infringes or relinquishes your rights as the legal owner(s) of the membership described above. This document is simply a letter of intent. It is not a legal binding agreement.

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