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Kristina –

Victim Location 11219

Type of a scam Employment

This company contacted me through email. They offered me a nice real estate manager job. I had a phone interview with them. They said they want to expand their company in my area so they are looking for an office space. Because of it the training was online. I had to complete 4-5 tasks. I got one every day. It was all real estate related. Like looking for apartment with specific parameters for clients. I was in contact with them on whatsapp. Nothing suspicious so far. And then they send me an employment agreement where I gave them my personal information. Such as phone number, address, and a copy of my ID. Later they send me a bank form where I had to give them my bank account information so they could send me my salary. They said that the 2 week online training will be paid so I gave it to them. I kept talking to them on Whatsapp. They asked me to sign up for Zelle so I can receive my money for the training. I did it and got nearly $2500. After that they asked me to cash this money and send it to someone else, to the company, because this is one of their client’s rent. They said this is part of the training. Because later I will have to help the clients how to handle their money transactions like paying rent, buying a property. This was the point when I knew it is a scam. They tried to laundering money through me. I never cashed and sent that $2500. Its’s on my account. I had to open new accounts. I have an open fraud case with the bank. They said they will send it back eventually when they close my case. They did not stole any money from me. But they have my personal information. So I changed my phone number, email and I will make a new ID asap. The scammers kept calling me and demanded their money back. I had calls from the navy Federal Credit Union’s number. The lady told me I am in a huge trouble because I stole one of their client’s money. She seemed so unprofessional. She clearly did not work for Navy Federal. I called Navy F. back later to make sure it was not them who called me and they had no clue how could the scammers call me from their exact same number. I had a similar call from the local police department. I did not picked it up but the number was theirs and I got a voice message. An Indian guy with a very thick accent said there’s a police investigation against me. I stole money etc. Later on I got threading whatsapp messages. The scammers stated they are a Mexican cartel and their people come and kill me if I don’t finish the deal. Those messages were so terrifying. As they know my address and how I look like, I went to the police and reported them. The officers calmed me down and told me not to worry because usually these people are not even in the States.

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