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Benjamin –

Victim Location 23233

Type of a scam Employment

This scam started with my applying for a job on for Data Entry Personnel $16-21/hr. I applied and received an email to contact Justin [email protected] for more information. I did and Justin replied that the Data Entry job had been filled, but he needed a personal assistant which paid $650 a week for 10-15 hours. I replied in the affirmative. He replied that I was accepted for the position as expect my first assignment soon. I didn’t respond as I thought it was a scam and then received this message that he was sending me a check to deposit and buy him some items:

Hello ,

How is your day going? I hope pleasant! I’m glad to inform you that the

payment has been mailed and would be delivered to you today via USPS.

The tracking number is *** and you can have it

tracked via to know the status of the


The payment to be delivered includes your first week pay $*** and the rest

will be used for the shopping (list of things will be sent soon) for the

Orphanage homes. Once received, proceed to your bank and have it DEPOSITED

(deposit can be done via ATM or Bank Mobile App as well).

The funds will be made available within 24 – 48 hours by your bank and

email back as soon as you complete the deposit so that you can be fed with

more details or you can simply send me a text (860) 266-5860 to let me know

you have complete the deposit, I also want you to send me a copy of the

deposit receipt blacking out your personal information to my email or as an

MMS to my number for my records/confirmation.

I will be emailing you the list shortly.

Hope to read back from you soon to confirm you received my email and you

understand the instructions

I will await your response and do enjoy your day.

Best Regards,

Justin Sheffield

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