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Russell –

Victim Location 27612

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Florida number called and kept me a voicemail about a civil lawsuit that was getting filled against me in my county. I called because that’s not his lawsuits work. When I called they stated I took a 500 dollar loan from a bank account that has no information about saud loan. Funny thing is I have been in the military the last 8 years and by military law I’m not allowed to get payday loans. Anyways once I hit out if the military I went to law school, so I called back and had some fun with them until the dude hung up on me.

But these are the two numbers I called.

954-406-9951 – initial call and voicemail to call: 866-233-4646×407

866-233-4643 – I called the number and a lady picked up. She said she checked the "database" and that there was no account for me. I proceeded to tell her that’s funny, because a voicemail was just left threatening legal action and I would like to speak to that person. Well she hung up on me. I called multiple times and she hung up every time.

Decided to call the 954 number and I got a gentleman, I then asked to be transferred to x407 and he does. Then this other dude gets on HAHA and his name is Sean, well Sean quickly backs down when i start throwing law at him, and what he is doing is a scam. He quickly says you know we are legit because you can hear the beep in the background meaning it’s recorded. Anyways I laughed and he stumbled on his words again. I then proceeded to tell him that if thus us a lawful lawsuit, I’ll wait until I receiver the summons to appear.

Anyways beware!

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