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Hannah –

Victim Location 91214

Type of a scam Tech Support

Office Depot gave me this number for HP Tech support for the printer they sold me. I called and the "technician" answered "HP Tech Support" and asked about the problem. I explained and he said he needed to control my computer and to go to which took to me to a page he then gave me a code to enter and it downloaded an app that allowed him to control my computer. Rescue by LogMeIn is a legit site that many companies use for tech support and I thought I was talking to a Hewlett Packard employee since he said he was ant it was and Office Depot gave me the number. So I allowed him to control my computer and he ran a bogus printer diagnostic log which I could see, then he said the printer wasn’t the problem, it was the connection to my computer. Then he ran a "diagnostic log" on my computer and said ‘Oh my God you’ve been hacked. Let me show you. Oh dear, this is a very expensive problem." He showed me all of these "Foreign IP addresses" that were accessing my computer and explained that it came from something I had accessed through the internet, or a spam email I had been sent, etc. Then he drew me an elaborate chart on my computer about how this type of thing happens. Then he googled "Malware" and "Computer Worm" and had me read about it. Then he said all of my devices connected to my internet were infected and being accessed by malicious IP addresses and they now had access to my private information and if I had online banking or credit card accounts they could get that too. All of smartphones, smart TVs and computers in the house were now accessed through multiple malicious IP addresses (which he had shown me). He asked for my zip code and said he would help. That I needed to get an "OS 7 Layer Programmer" to fix it. He explained that too and why. Then he came up with a CISCO certified repair company I could take all of my devices to and said they would have to keep them 3-5 business days. Or he found a company that would do it Online in a 3 hours session. Both services would cost about $1,299- plus $999- to clean everything up, install 7 layers of protection against any future hacking, etc. He asked if he wanted me to be connected to the online company called Geek Rescue. I said no, that is too much $$ and I would like a second opinion. Then he took me to Apple’s website and showed me they offer the same service for $695- per device. He said at the rate of infection I had, everything would be shut down within 5-10 days. I asked him to run the same program on another computer in my house and I called my business partner to be in a video hangout and watch the guy do it. My business partner asked him which commands he was running and a lot of other questions and then texted me to hang up. I said I was going to get another opinion and the guy called his Supervisor, who was a much higher level of coder, to the phone. I told this guy I wanted a second opinion and asked for his number and said I’d call him back. Then I shut down all computers in my house and rebooted everything. THEN this other "HP Tech Support" company guy called me back from a different phone # (847) 557-3625. He said his supervisor didn’t think he had explained properly the problem and the seriousness of it so I said yes, he did, I understand perfectly. He asked if I could give him a review of his performance and I said it was fine. He said "no, let me access your computer again and show you the online survey" and I said no, I rebooted all of them and you are not accessing them again. Then I called Apple tech support which ran free malware programs on my computers and everything was perfectly fine. They gave me the Apple number to HP Tech Support and I got someone who took down both numbers to investigate (and fix my printer issue – they were great). Then I called Office Depot, spoke with a Manager and told him too.

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