Yolanda –

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Well here goes. I fell for a stupid online scam, and instead of beating myself up for it, I hope I can warn others. I never fall for crap like this but I got an email from *** saying I won something free. Yes I know, sounds so stupid right. But I do alot of *** shopping and without thinking I clicked it and everything about it looked like ***. Had the same colours and same font and everything. So I got to choose 2 items out of 4 and said they were free so ok! I clicked the box agreeing that they were free, but I had to pay shipping on them. I chose the bottles of testosterone for my boyfriend because it was all crap anyways so I chose something. So one bottle the shipping was 2.80 and the second bottle shipping was 4.90 like ok sounds fine to me. And then that was that. Got the bottles like a week later, and we never opened the bottles because we get our supplements from *** anyways. So, like three weeks later (I check my online banking every single day because I am one of those) I check my bank account, and on my *** I had two things pending. One was for 187.65 and second was for 197.82. First website does not exist and second one is legit crap. I call my bank right away and they block my card so I had to cancel my credit card. I still dont have a new one, but I can now see my *** statements again and when I could finally check it, their payments went threw. These slimy slimy pieces of crap, not only took the money, but changed the amount to make it look like another company. They changed the 187 to 193 and the 197 to 203. I call my bank back and they put the money back on my *** thank God. You call these scam artists and it goes straight to customer service. The second time we called within the 20 min phone call, the lady talked with three different accents. Makes noise in the phone while she speaks gibberish so we literally can’t understand her on purpose. I’ve contacted *** and spoke with them directly on the phone and they are making notes to resolve this issue. When we looked it up it was all over the internet. This company has scammed so many people. I am just thankful I caught it in time and was given my money back, not even by the "company" itself and that they no longer have my credit card information. Not to mention, the only thing they say is "well you agreed to this when you clicked the box." The box does not mention a single thing of this. It says you get a sample for Free. What it does not tell you, is that they now have you credit card information (was supposed to be used for less than 10$ total shipping not 400$), and without you knowing you have now signed up for a monthly subscription to these tiny bottles that together cost 400$. So they took this money from me without my permission, they canceled my subscription and yet still continued to take my money. The bottles I received are not worth 400$ those were the free samples. So if they sent me email confirmation when they cancelled both subscriptions, why did they continue to take my money for what I cancelled? Yes I feel very stupid for opening this email in the first place, but still does not give ANY one the right to take money and to lie and to pretend to be ***. I hope this does not happen to anyone else. I hope with writing this someone will see and shut them down. I love Amazon and how they reacted to it was amazing. They take situations like this very seriously, and I hope they do. Because if I was a millionaire I’d sue this "company".

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