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Christie –

Victim Location 78613

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent an email for an interview request for a personal assistant job offering $65,000 per year. A male by the name of Gordon Jacobs called me and asked me a couple of questions regarding scenarios and asked if I was proficient with the MS Office suite. He had an accent, not sure what ethnicity, sounded middle eastern. The call lasted only maybe about five minutes if that, and he said I would get an email on Wednesday letting me know if I got the job or not.

I got the email saying that I got the job and "Gordon Jacobs" sent me an email with a letter attachment stating that the company is expanding and opening an office in downtown Austin. I was to meet with the realtor and get keys as well as purchase office supplies. They would send me a check to go and purchase them. He sent a cashier’s check in the amount of $4,900.00 sent through UPS. I just received the check yesterday, but have been suspicious all along about the company. The website was very vague and I found out was only created a few weeks ago. I asked him about that and he said they created a new domain in the US recently because they needed a US based website that was .com and not .ca. I thought that was strange since they are expanding the company and not just relocating. I searched for an old website address ending in .ca and did not find one. I then decided to look on the BBB website and searched scams in the name of Giantbyte Systems and there was another scam reported that was exactly the same senario as mine. The scammer used a different name, but all other details were exact. I did not fall for the scam and did not lose any money. I still have the cashier’s check as well.

Latoya –

Victim Location 28056

Total money lost $4,900

Type of a scam Employment

Offered a job as a personal assistant from Armando Estes with Giantbyte Systems, said it was posted on, only did a phone interview then offered the job. Company was moving to downtown Charlotte and opening a new space. My initial responsibilities included buying office supplies for the building and eventually meeting with the realtor. Said I would be on payroll starting 7/6 when I received keys from realtor. The first step was to receive a check made to me in my name and I was to deposit it in my personal account then withdrawal cash to move to company account, ended up being a Bitcoin. I have contact and name information for the gentlemen that owns that particular Bitcoin machine. Bitcoin support sent me as much information they could since the company and money processing is anonymous.

I have the original emails and texts between me and the scammer and Bitcoin information. I also tracked where the check was mailed from at a UPS location with tracking number in Canada, ON with address and contact phone number: Drain Stream Incorporated (plumbing).

Money deposited and with-drawled in *** ** Bitcoin deposit made in *** NC

Scammer: had a thick accent that sounded Spanish/Latin with a touch of French. Doing personal searching there is a video posted on the Drain Stream Inc. Facebook page and a gentlemen within the video sounds similar to the accent, not stating it is him but he could work there with similar ethnicity.

Looking to follow up with this department and file a police report and see if I can get my money back.

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