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Jessie –

Victim Location 11354

Type of a scam Employment

This app was posted on indeed as a retail merchandising position paying from $15-$25 an hour for merchandising tasks. It stated the typical job duties a merchandiser must be able to perform in order to be employed by them. And the duties were clear and like most typical retail merchandising jobs. It seemed legit especially coming from, I have never been scammed there. After downloading the app and filling out the required personal information which I now regret I have never received work from them or even follow up emails on the hiring process. I have applied and supposedly got onboard Jan 19, 2018, literally the same day. There is very little content on this app which gives a huge red flag and on top of that they ask for your personal information such as social and banking info without giving you a proper introduction first to as to who they are and what they do. They claim to be in stage 1 of their development. This is total BS, no retail app would ever launch without it being fully ready to deliver. My personal information is in jeopardy with these people, I have not got scammed yet, but I would not be surprised if they did try. I want these people stopped before they use my personal information that they attained illegally and commit fraud with it.

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