Glamex Proactives Shoppersfact

Glamex Proactives Shoppersfact Scam or Legit? Check Glamex Proactives Shoppersfact Reviews below.
Patricia –

Victim Location 91791

Type of a scam Employment

Initially my mother found the posting on Facebook offering employment by secret shopping. They only asked for basic info, such as date of birth and employment status, address, and phone number. It did not look official and too good to be true so I decided to try it and decide for myself. They emailed me saying I would get a package in the mail. About a week later I got a text message asking if I had received the package. I received an express mail envelope with instructions on what to do next. On flimsy, jet ink printed paper they said to use the check included to buy gift cards at various stores. They also required a mandatory "charity donation" in which I was to purchase a $** cashier’s check and send a photo of it. I am still receiving text messages asking if I received the package. I reply with the question "Is this a scam?" and I get no answer. It’s clear that it’s definitely a scam.

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