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Hillary –

Victim Location 78006

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

REPORT of DEBIT CARD FRAUD dated 8 August 2017

Sometime shortly before 6/223/17, I received an email purportedly from Amazon Prime, of which I am a paid member. In essence, the email thanked me for my patronage and asked for the completion of a survey.

Upon completion, I would qualify for a “thank you” gift of my choice. I choose the simulated diamond pierced ear rings and paid a mailing fee of $6.99 from my RBFCU checking account #193895162 via the debit card attached to that account and assigned to me, card ending in 8118.

The gift box of earrings arrived in a reasonable amount of time and were given and enjoyed.

I did notice the $99.98 charge on the same card on 7/8/17 and intended to investigate who or what the listed 8448254922ONLNS 133 AVENU C APT 2A NEW YORK was as I had no recollection of making an order to such a firm in a such an amount. But life got in the way and I never did. Until the charge appeared a second time.

The vendor identification is a combination of a phone number and an address.

The phone is phony: and the area code is none issued. The address is a bar on the upper Eastside of NYC.

On 8/5/17 a charge of $99.98 on the same card as before from the same vendor as earlier was processed through RBFCU. I also got another gift box of earrings, un ordered and no correspondence of any kind. I assume this was an error. But now I had some evidence of the fraud.

When this was discovered on 8/7/17 but was unable to speak to the fraud division of my bank. I did speak to the credit card department and requested that my debt card be discontinued and a new card issued as soon as possible.

I will call the other agencies and see if they are to receive the report

1) Mail Fraud: US Postage paid by

& mailed from

ZIP 91352 (Sun Valley, CA)

2) Credit Card Fraud/Bank Fraud/Criminal Theft

The last shipping envelope and packing slip are in my position.

3) Internet Search on the phone number: 1-844-886-5374

a. 1-844-886-5374 – See attached Ripoff Report

b. 1-844-825-4922 – See attached Screen Shot

c. Glamor Trends – See attached Screen Shot

d. – See attached Screen Shot

4) Who is: search See attached Screen Shot

5) Agencies to Report:

a. US Post Office

b. RBFCU Fraud Unit

c. NameCheap – You can submit a ticket to our Legal & Abuse department at

23:21Bogdan Chaplyk:

d. Police Department

e. Amazon

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