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Roger –

Victim Location 08844

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Global Prime Taxation – This business operates through offshore consultants based in India. Their 3 phone number listed on the website – 773-273-7044 | 201-777-3218 | 630-929-7230 go directly to India. When asked details about the Chicago office, they reply they don’t know or that if I leave my information, someone will call back. They are trying to get information for tax filing. The company has a website address, but no whereabouts of the owner or staff in Chicago can be traced.

I received a dozen calls from them. When asked how they got my number, they said, their manager got it from corp to corp and job posting sites. I am concerned about identity theft that these people are causing. They are finding my name and number from some place and creating a database and using those numbers for unsolicited business.

I think this is a scam business and in reality there is no such company, and may be a small set up running from home. These people need to be traced immediately and black listed. They may also be targeting US residents of Indian origin. Please do the needful rightaway , as the tax season is in effect right now.

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