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Leah –

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Because I am good at paying bills, I was entered in a draw and won a second prize of $8.5 Million. I am supposed to go to *** *** *** and send a certified cheque for $299. to *** *** at address in Port Stanley stated above.

It was a phone call from W*** *** at 1-876-463-1411. I also spoke to his CEO *** ***. They wanted me to send the cheque by express post overnight mail. I said I’m not going out because of the snowstorm, and they said they would check with me again tomorrow. (Neither one of them sounded like a William or a John)

I’ve had calls like these before offering me delivery of a Mercedes Benz and several million dollars. I asked where were they calling from to be able to do that, and they said right here in Markham. (Right!)

When I asked William where he was calling from he said Montreal. I asked did they have my address to deliver the cheque to and he transferred me to his CEO and he did give me my correct address. When he asked if I wanted a private or public delivery (TV, paper, etc.) I said public thinking it would throw him off. Obviously I am not sending them anything.

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