Antonio –

Victim Location 45804

Type of a scam Tech Support

They had called me on 1-10-18 stating that we had purchased technical services from them in September which we had not. They said the BBB had caught the company working fraudulently so they wanted to Credit our account for $300.00 but they had to go on my computer to do so. Needless to say I asked many questions and said I will call them back.

Joseph –

Victim Location 89031

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Tech Support

i received a phone call from a jack foster,telling me that my computor had been attacked with a virus.

and he proceeded to show me a whole lot of programs that were red lined, it very easily could have

been somebody else stuff he was showing me i don’t know. so he told me he could fix it and that i

would not have to worry anymore, he was very courteous and so i took him at his word .first he wanted

me to purchase $200 worth of i-tune cards and he would be able to fix it. i went and bought the cards

and came back and read the numbers off to him thinking that the problem would be solved (wrong)

he called me back ,stating that the microsoft company said that he had to put different kind of cards in there because of them not being of the microsoft company they had to adhere to what the company dictated

to again i was requested to go purchase more i-tune cards which i argued with him informing him

that i thought i was being ripped off! he assured me not to worry because all the money i was spending

would be returned to me .they were so good that actually i believed them the technican turned me over to

his boss ,who Justin yang tele:201 474 7851 x 409 he assured me not to worry because he would refund me the

money that i had to spend by certified check or deposit the money in my checking acct or however i wanted it.

i knew i should have stopped when i was asked to get more cards the first time but i was told that they needed

the cards or they would not be able to fix the computor. so i was caught.long story short ,i was off to the of


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