Global Winning International

Global Winning International Scam or Legit? Check Global Winning International Reviews below.
Alberto –

Victim Location 76002

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Caller name was David Johnson CEO Exec. Director of Global Winning International. The Caller ID listed as Private Caller no numbers displayed. He congratulated me that I have won 7 million dollars and a new Mercedes Benz and they are only one hour and forty five minutes away to come to my home to provide them a number of documents in order for I to receive the winnings. They did have my complete home address besides my phone number if I recall he received my address from Customs at UPS???? Really???

I told him II have never known of any entree of a contest or know of anyone internationally. He kept persisting of how they where just minutes away from my home and that I was one of two hundred fifty names of my state. He did explained that this contest is done per state….so Warning to All this is a SCAM and or Identity Theft…Do NOT for for this

FRAUD…i just discontinued the call…

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