GlobeQuest Travel Club and Casa Darado

GlobeQuest Travel Club and Casa Darado Scam or Legit? Check GlobeQuest Travel Club and Casa Darado Reviews below.
Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 55033

Total money lost $10,900

Type of a scam Investment

Complaint, I am a Person who was bombarded when I went to Cabo San Lucas for Vacation and ended up a Globequest member. This is a Scam they tell you that you are an owner of two weeks at the Casa Darado for the home hotel. They stated straight out that this is not a TIME SHARE. Bull Crap. That is exactly what you are buying. Than they Tell you there are closing costs because you purchased this, you are an Owner. Well how can you charge me closing costs when this is a travel package? I called and stated to them that the price I agreed to was not what I was charged on my account. They charged me an additional 950.00 in closing costs. This has to be Illegal. Then they use you to reserve your vacation package for two more weeks and sell it on trip advisor. But, you get no help from any of them to succeed in this being listed to rent your two weeks out. No one to help you on any of it. I asked straight out what if the rooms don’t rent. WELL that has never happened. Bull Crap.

But they don’t tell you that you have to find your own renters and that they have 100’s of other people trying to do the same thing to try and get your investment back. You don’t even Know that you have signed up for a travel package until you get home.

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