Gordon Swaby Restitution Inc

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Steve –

Victim Location 31520

Type of a scam Other

This company called under the name of "Gordon Swaby Restitution Inc. Mediation Firm". The caller asked me if I was "my name". Once I confirmed they quickly proceeded to tell me that I had committed loan fraud and that if I did not pay $1365 they would take me to court. They said they were a mediation firm for the company "PayDay Loans". Initially they even gave me the amount I "applied" for. I do remember filling out an application for a loan on one of those payday loan websites where you get the money the next day, however upon confirming my social the website went blank and that was that. The caller had access to my full social security. When I began to mention the ScamPulse.com and asked if they were backed by them she said "yes we are you can check yourself" as I went to check I could not find them anywhere, google did not even yield results as to what the company was claiming to be. After I told her they were not on here the supervisor became angry and said a few choice words and hung up on me. Every time I call back it’s always the one of the same 6 people they have working there and each of them hang up when you mention the ScamPulse.com. But it gets better, Payday loans are actually illegal here in Georgia so I would never get approved for one.

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