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George –

Victim Location 49509

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

David Grant initially contacted my mother via Facebook. it may have been FB messenger, not sure. Then proceeded to obtain her cell phone number. Once this happened, the deluge of text messages ensued, convincing my mother that there was free money to be had from the government. Even provided a picture of himself present a large check (literally, like you would see presented to a Power Ball Lottery winner) for something like $30,000 to the grant applicant as well another picture showing a briefcase stuffed full of money which was just waiting for my mother to claim! Hook, line and sinker. What ensued next, suddenly during transport of that briefcase full of money (via a transport truck) the truck was involved in an accident and local fire department (somewhere in the US) laid claim to the money. David Grant was requesting payment after payment after payment upfront from my mother to payoff the fire department and secure "her" grant money. My mother was buying amazon gift cards, taking pictures of them, front and back, along with the respective receipts and texting the pictures to David Grant. Eventually, the amount of money requested grew to over $3,000 at one time, however, it could be broken down into $750 payments. My mother has lost in total of about $8,000 all while living on social security. In order to obtain the money sent, my other would charge some on her credit card, try to get a loan from Lending Tree (was turned down fortunately), however, just the other day there was one institution that did lend her $2,300 that she had planned to wire to the scammers. My mother took the money to her credit union to wire the money. Fortunately, the credit union representative called to let me know what my mother was attempting to do. I intervened and we brought the money back to the loan institution from which it came. It is a shame how convincing these scammers can be. I do have pictures of a text string but I do not want to upload the 20 pictures…

Andrew –

Victim Location 96740

Type of a scam Government Grant

The woman called herself, Rose Williams. She said she was calling from the Government Grant Administration and said that I was selected to receive a $9,000 free grant. She kept asking how I’d like to receive the money and had a very strong accent.

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