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Lydia –

Victim Location 27023

Total money lost $2,600

Type of a scam Government Grant

I filled out an online form on the internet to see if I qualified for any government grants…the next day i received a phone call and low and behold I qualified for all kinds of grants from help paying off my credit cards and automobile to home repairs in which they totaled to close to 100k..and they told me I could get all of this money within a year.. and since I’m a disabled vet they assured that I’d get about 6k in a couple of months which would more than pay for the cost of their services which they wanted me to use my credit card to pay sum of $2,600.00… They had connected me with several people that hyped up the pitch telling me that i qualified for close to $100k and they were very excited to help me get the process started, congratulating me and i would receive a call once a week and i had to be available or it would slow down or even make me ineligible….I WAS SOLD HOOK LINE AND SINKER…these people were good at what they do…i used my credit card to get the ball rolling and one week passed and eventually maybe three weeks to a month later I received a package in the mail with a bunch of useless B.S. on how to write grants myself and never heard from them again… I didn’t tell anyone about this because I’m supposed to be much smarter than this but I guess it was my greed that got the better of me…so now I always go by the old saying " if it sounds too good to be true it usually is"…

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