Government grants scam

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Rafael –

Victim Location 37086

Type of a scam Government Grant

an unkown caller called my phone and said that my name and number was selected in my state along with 1500 other people to receive free grant money from the government, because i had a good record and never been to jail and never filed bankruptcy and also because i filed taxes every year. gave me a confirmation name number then told me soon as we hang up the phone to give this number a call (206)946-8172 and to give them the confirmation number to finish the application. A woman then answered the phone and recited my name and number and email address back to me and asked how i wanted to receive the money. Either through cash or to be transferred to my bank account. Then said i had to pay a one time payment of $210.00 to be able to process my money and i could go to walmart and any western union place to pick up the money. Also to bring my phone and my id and the confirmation number when arrived. She then gave me the website and told me i could read all about it and if i was interested then to give her a call back and she will process my payment and set up the application and i could pick up 9,510$ in 10-20 mins.

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