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Carlos –

Victim Location 45211

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This first started around Monday, 8-22-16. I was asleep and a friend on my Facebook messaged me on messenger Facebook, and he asked did you receive your GBS money? So I asked him, what is GBS, he said it is the government funding and they are collecting a few names off of Facebook, so go on Facebook and find out. So I told him I don’t know what you are talking about, and he said I will help you. So, he sent me her picture Agent Rose Cooker, he said click on that and message she would text me back. So I did that, she texted me back, she said hold on let me see your name in our database, she texted right back, she said yes my name was one of the two that was selected. So, then I said ok how do I get the money, and first he texted me back and he said do exactly what she tells you to do. So I messaged him and said ok, and in the meantime her text came in and she asked me to fill out the application, and the application asks for first name, last name, dob last four digits of social security number, email address, address and city, state and zip code. So I did that, so then he texted back on messenger, and asked did she say you won, and I said yes. Then he said make sure you do what she asked you to do, because I got my money. So, I asked him, how long did it take you to get your money, he said it didn’t take long. He said they sent me a $100,000. so in the process of that she’s texting me too, and that I can receive my money from UPS within 7 hours, she gave me a code number and she told me to let no one see it, because it is my information, and don’t let anyone know that I got this money coming. So, then she said you have to send in $200, and I told her that I don’t have any income. She texted back and said well, I can help you, she asked me how much do you have on you now, I told her nothing. So then, he’s messaging me at the time I am texting her, he asked me when can you send in your money. So then, I said I will have the money Sunday, I can send in $100. On Saturday he messages me at 3:45a.m. and then they called me at 3:30a.m. After I didn’t answer the call at 3:30pm Saturday then the text came in, hello how are you doing, because we care about you, we was texting you to see if you were still able to send in your $100 on Sunday. At this time, they called and text came in the messenger came in from my friend on Facebook, and he asked me did you make you payment yet. Are you still going to be able to make your payment? At this time, I texted back and I said no, I believe this is a scam, because the government is not open on Saturdays and they would not text me early in the morning. So now, while I am telling him this, he said so you don’t believe this is real and that I got my money? So then , they texting me I texted them I believe it is a scam because you were calling 3:30a.m. and 3:45a.m. messenger on Saturday morning. I told both of them I changed my mind, I believe this is scam, and it all stopped. Sunday morning they were back on my phone the both of them, he texted me it is real because they sent me money. I know this man, but haven’t talked to him in a long time. Saturday he messaged me send in your payment and you will receive the money. While it was going on, I told you I would help you, now you don’t trust me. Then, I said well I tell you what, let me call the BBB Monday and find out if this is real, and if it is real I will send in my $200, but in the meantime I am not sending in my money because I believe it’s scam. So then they texted me back and said, so what do you want me to do? I said, well since I don’t have no income, I don’t have $200 for the money,  I want you to send me the money and deduct the $200 and send me the remaining balance. They texted back and said you have to pay the deductible. And I said I can’t pay it, and she said what do you want me to do, when can you pay the money. I said give me a month. She said ok. So then I texted back, I said listen don’t text me anymore, I will not pay any money to receive any money. I am going to call Monday morning, to make sure they are real, I asked her if it was ok to do that. She said it was fine. So, then she kept sending texts that she didnt want to talk about me contacting the BBB and I said I don’t have money to pay for the money and she asked me again, and she said what do you want me to do, and I said donate it to Children’s Funding Association, and she said ok. Then after she said ok, she texted back, so do you want me to take your name out of our database. I said yes, because I kept telling her I believe you all are a scam. And she said, you all call me 3:30a.m. on a Saturday with the government, she said we is nationwide, all over the world and we can call at anytime. At that time, my friend on Facebook he was messaging me, and he said that we are local. And he telling me too that they can call at anytime, Nationwide World Funding, local. And I said, well send me somebody who we know that won the money, so he sent me her site and said click on there and she will give you the name who won, and I said no. I said no because she will give me some scam names, I won’t do that and I am through with it. And so then when I told them, text me back Monday, I am going to call BBB and find out if you are real first, until then no I am not sending in no money. And the texts didn’t come back no more. 

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