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Type of a scam Online Purchase

Good afternoon.

We are looking for a supplier for this product!

1. Commodity : (a) GMO Soybean (b) GMO Soybean Meal

2. Origin : USA

3. Specifications :Attached

4. Packaging : Bulk

5. Total Quantity : (a) 50,000 x 2 (100,00MT), (b) 50,000 x 2 (100,000 MT)

6. Crop of : 2018

7. Target Price : $ 395/MT

8. Shipping Terms : CFR Chittagong, at outer anchorage, Chittagong Bangladesh Port Destination Port : Chittagong

9. Payments : 100% DLC at Sight, Confirmed, Non Transferable with Top 50 World bank

10. Performance Bond : 2% by Seller Bank

11. Inspection : SGS at Loading Point by Seller expenses.

If you are interested in working with us please call or write a letter to my mail

with respect


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Grain Trade Group LLP

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??????? (WhatsApp): +18187471390

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Web Page:

Web Page:

Grain Trade Group LLP

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This person disconnects his phone number and forwards my email to the following:

from: [email protected]


Good Day to you.

I am Partha Chowdhury here from Calcutta,India.

I give you a brief about the enquiry that Vlad has told you about.

I have a confirmed order from a buyer from Bangladesh for 10000 Mts.of GMO Soyabean-Grade 2, for Human Consumption with more such orders from this buyer in the pipeline.The first order will be of 2500 a trial order.The Soyabean must be of USA origin and the loading port must be from any port in the USA.The delivery port is Chittagong Sea Port,Bangladesh.

The price with the buyer has already been finalised at CFR Chittagong Port 395 USD/Mt.including 3 USD/ commission for us. 6 USD will be further added to the above price and the LC will be opened at 401 USD/Mt.The seller will have to pay at total of 3+6=9 USD/ commission to different bank accounts in different countries.

Now what I would like to ask you is that –

1.Will you be interested in this Export Order and want to do this ?

2..If yes,can you match the above price that we have finalised for the above grade Soyabeans ? Or else,what would be your price ?

3.Have you done any shipments of soyabeans in the last 6 months ? If yes,can you provide us with your shipment records ?

The main condition that the buyer has fixed for the prospective seller is that whoever wants to work with the buyer for the above order will have to submit the last 6 months export shipment reports of the company for soyabean.These shipments can happen anywhere in the world.Need not be Bangladesh.This can be submitted after the LC draft copy is opened.Either this, OR,the seller will have to provide 2% PB (Performance Bond) from his bank.

The buyer will issue the LOI in favour of that particular seller who can provide anyone from the above two.

Please do let me know,if you will be interested.

Best of Regards.

Partha Chowdhury.


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