Grand Celebration Crusies and Accomodations

Grand Celebration Crusies and Accomodations Scam or Legit? Check Grand Celebration Crusies and Accomodations Reviews below.
Philip –

Victim Location 11706

Total money lost $396

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received a call from this company stating they were given my name from a partner Cruise ship(have gone on a few) and wanted to offer a discounted getaway to Florida and the Bahamas. 3 days , 2 nights in ft. lauderdale, 3 days, 2 nights in Orlando and 3 days 2 nights in the Bahamas. They will provide a rental car to travel from ft lauderdale to Orlando and then to cruise so that is an 8 day rental. They also stated if a rental car was not needed i had an option for gas reimbursement of $100 or $100 entertainment credit. Obviously i would take the rental car as i live in NY. I explained i was in a bad financial situation and was unable to pay for this. The lady put me on hold numerous times and got the price dropped and offered deferred payment and a payment plan. So i agreed. Months later i received another call stating they realized my reservation did not have the all inclusive for the Bahama island and had me pay another $396 to have all inclusive drinks and food package. So here i am trying to book my reservation and they 1. Could not find the reservation, 2. Once a "supervisor" looked into the situation and called me back 3 hours later told me it was expired. 3. Explained i could get it extended for 3 more months. 4. Proceeded to explain that the all inclusive package i paid extra for was no longer available and there is nothing she could do for me because they upgraded the hotel at the Bahamas and the money i paid went towards a better hotel. I explained i do not want a better hotel i want my accommodations i paid for. After being rudely nasty , she explained they also no longer have the rental car option available. I stated this was in my contract and she stated no there are three options and i explained no it says my choice of options. She the supervisor states there was nothing she could do for me, there is no credits she could give me and i will not get anything other then what she is stating as she is the supervisor and there is no one above her and no one else i could speak with! Her name is Shantel and her # was 303. When i then got transferred to book my reservation she left me on hold for another 5 mins, a lady answered asked for my reservation number , put me on hold then hung up after another 2 minutes.

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