Greenberg Schwab

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Ian –

Victim Location 27408

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Man stated that I had been turned in for delinquent collections of 4 different debtors each one owing over $500. He said he was calling to find a way for me to pay all of theses today ! and if I didn’t he would have to take further action. He told me what the last 4 digits of my SS was [which was wrong] and ask me to confirm that, I said yes. He wanted to have a ‘hearing’ in which I would pay all the bills and that we could meet in a mutual place. .When I laughed and said I did not owe any bills and that I had recorded his call and would turn him in he said ‘this isn’t my first rodeo I’ve heard that before" so now lets settle this…..I wont print what else I said but beware of this [censored]! I hung up while he was still talking, very loudly!

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