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Jonathon –

Victim Location 60561

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Person name Matt Nicolas texted from GROWMARK stated he found my resume on; I never used this website to apply for jobs, i normally use indeed to post my resume. he interviewed me on hangout, offered a position as data entry clerk. interview questions were legit. then he sent me a check of $1,175.00 stated it’s to purchase the working material. asking me to deposit check in my bank. I did that next morning he texted we have a training and I need you to check your account. I told him funds will not be available until 6/5 so he asked me to use my own funds I told him I don’t have that much. After my request he sent me an offer letter stating full time employee receiving $28.00/hr. He kept on persisting to buy time tracker and ask me to send him $12.00 when i said no why cannot you deduct the amount from my pay he said we will reimbursed you. Only personal information that this hiring manager got from me was my name, sex, address, phone number and email address.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 61604

Type of a scam Employment

I was texted on May 31, 2018 at 12:11pm asking if I was my name. I responded and they proceeded with telling me they were Matt Nicolas from GROWMARK replying to my application and resume. They stated the Data Entry Operator was listed on and my credentials were impressive. They stated they wanted to do a job briefing and interview via Google Hangouts. They gave me the address of [email protected] to use to invite them to start the conversation. I wasn’t able to do it right away but proceeded in the late afternoon. I thought it was fishy that "acquisition" was spelled wrong. Once we got connected in Google Hangouts, they proceeded with a series of interview questions. They told me they had to forward my information to the HR people for review and consideration. They sent me a "interview offer" letter to my email address that had a RED warning that is may be malicious. I took a picture and showed them. They stated that it happens sometimes that they had no control over how it transmits. I didn’t open it but forwarded it and opened in a different email account. The letter looked kinda legit and I had concerns but I proceeded. They started asking me for my full name and complete address to send training materials. I halted and said I needed to proceed in the morning but we would need to speak over the phone. They agreed. First thing today, I received a text message to go back to Google Hangouts. I did and said we need to speak on the phone. They said after I receive the training materials. They asked for my address and I provided it for it was already on my resume. They proceeded with telling me the salary compensation ($28 per hour for full time and $17.00 per hour for training) for the job and asked how I wanted to get paid (direct deposit, wire transfer or check). Then they asked for my bank name to see if was acceptable with accounting system. I knew immediately something was very wrong. I have never heard of a data entry operator making $28 per hour! This is when I excused myself from the conversation and called Growmark in Bloomington, IL. I asked for the HR department. I started to tell them about my experience and they let me know it was a scam. Growmark stated that they received several calls regarding the same issue. Immediately, I blocked the scammer and archived the conversation on Google Hangouts. I logged out and went offline. Growmark told me to call the authorities and Google to report the scam.

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