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Christine – Jan 26, 2021

Lady who called was very rude. Stated they were going to place liens on my cars. Was able to repeat my social several times but became quite irritated when I asked for her name and wouldn’t give it to me. Also said a constable was going to serve me and wished me luck in court. This is for an account that I’ve never heard of. Still waiting to be served by the constable that is supposedly supposed to be here today.

Suzanne – Jan 26, 2021

I received a phone call today from this company stating there is a complaint filed against me for theft. They said it was for a credit card from 2007-2015. I have NEVER had a Discover card. I even called Discover and they confirmed I do not and have NEVER had an account with them. The lady was the rudest person I have ever spoken with. When I started questioning her she said” you stole, that’s what theft is!” Then she hung up in my face! Does anyone know who to report this to?

Spencer – Jun 04, 2020

HRG is calling me off a list that they purchased from 2009 They are using an autodialer to leave threatening messages that they will be at my place of work and employment. this silly $300 payday loan was paid in 2009 yet Ace Check cashing had been hacked, notified their customers but unfortunately, it was to late.

They just keep having the robots call day after day and will not stop

I will be continuing to report them.

it has been 11 years which is way past any statute of limitations (4 years) and this debt was paid and reported.

They are just liars and the [censored] of the earth.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 32218

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Complany calling work, cell and spouse cell # for debt cleared 20years ago

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  1. HRG & Associates (or maybe HRG associates) has called me several times in the past couple weeks. I’ve asked them to remove my number, they say that they did, but they continue to call. Today, I called back and asked for the name of the company. “Rebecca” said that she’s not obligated to give me the name of the company. I called back and she stated my name and address and that my county sheriff would be sent out because it’s against the law to “harass a business.” I continued to call, because they have called me multiple times after I’ve told them to remove my number, and I wanted to make note of the business name. “Rebecca” answered every time saying the same thing over and over again. Finally, after about the 5th of 6th phone call, someone different answered the phone by stating “HRG & (?) associates.” I thanked the person and started to explain that they’ve called me multiple times after I asked them to remove my number, then “Rebecca” jumped on the line and again said that sheriffs would be sent to my house. So, I called the sheriff’s dispatch…. It’s no surprise that they aren’t sending anyone to my house. The dispatcher said he would make a note of it and simply have the deputy call me, rather than come out to the house. Plain and simple… HRG is a scam “business”

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