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Cindy – Jun 06, 2020

Victim Location 80110

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted by Amanda Scott who said she seen my resume and wanted to know if I would be interested in a job as a realtor’s assistant.

I replied yes and it went on from there. I was promised money at the end of 2 weeks of training.

Her “assistant” Katie called me from the number provided above and said after having passed the background check I could begin training on Monday, May 18th.

Katie (whilst on the phone) told me I would have two weeks of training, be paid for the two weeks and then they would let me know if I had a permanent job.

A day later I got an email from “Amanda Scott” the supposed HR Manager who essentially said the same thing Katie did to me.

We stayed in contact, I did all tasks she asked me to do aside from the one she asked me on my last day of training (May 29th) to do on Monday, June 1st. Which was to accept a deposit from a client, use my personal account to cash and then deposit the monies to their company bank account.

After asking a few questions just to see what other lies she could come up with, I finally told her I wouldn’t be doing Monday’s assignment because I wasn’t comfortable using my personal account for their money transactions. She said, “Okay, got it” then I asked when I would be paid for training, she said, “You will be paid Tuesday June 2nd. We usually get paid in Tuesday’s.”

Then I of course never got the money nor has she answered any of my incessant emails, calls or WhatsApp messages or calls.

Here are two other phone numbers she gave me: 1-857-208-7221 and 1-850-270-1315.

Thankfully no money was pulled out of my personal account since they do have my information.

Please be careful and NEVER talk to these people. HamiltonGate is a scam.

As the other person who reported them as a scam stated, “When I searched for the address it came up with an office space available.”

I searched by name also. The “website” came up by the 1-850-900-1020 I put into google search.

Kurt – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 47129

Type of a scam Employment

When I search for Hamiltongate, nothing appears right away.

I used the email to go to Hamiltongate.com to review information.

When I searched for the phone number, it is not affiliated with the business.

When I searched for the address, it comes up as an office space available.

The scam is that they haunt employment websites and reach out to people looking for a job.

After they offer a great position, their aim is to get your personal information and eventually get your direct deposit info.

My rule of thumb..investigate everything.

My other rule of thumb..if it sounds too good to be true, investigate heavily.

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