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Gabriel – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 92807

Total money lost $70.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a mountain bike at target’s website on May 23. I didn’t see anything that I liked but at the bottom of page showing as a sponsor is an Ancheer Bike for $66 through Hateclass. To be safe (I thought Pay Pal will back me up but no. Totally whole different story) I paid via Paypal. At first I saw on their website my order and payment was successfully processed and there was a tracking record immediately. I though, "Great!" But when I checked the tracking number, it is showing the bike got delivered on May 1. How is that when I just ordered the item on May 23? I complained to Pay Pal but to no avail. They didnt back me and instead they supported the scammer.

Alison – Jun 17, 2020

We’ve corresponded before on BFE’s FB page, I think. Here’s what I’m telling people. Let me know if you agree:

“If you have the time and energy, fight. Don’t get rid of the package, report the return address if provided to assist in tying things together. We won’t get anyone to work on this stuff unless we all work with the right people. I paid with PayPal and was told by another person that was scammed that he couldn’t get his money back until he filed with the FBI. Use this website: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Refunds will depend on the method you used to pay. PayPal has a dispute process, but it is a huge disappointment in my eyes. Their policy says you have to choose between disputing with them and disputing with your credit card company. After how they’ve treated my dispute, I would file the dispute with the credit card company and file the FBI report first.

Follow my page on FB, I plan to get to the bottom of this as a retired USPS employee. This is hurting my former employer.”

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