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Denise – Mar 26, 2020

I’ve got a charge from myhealth.found for $9.17, no phone number. Bank says all I can do is cancel my card. After seeing this, I know it’s a scam, but how to stop it?

Eddie –

Victim Location 59917

Total money lost $54.64

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I noticed a charge on my bank account for $27.32 twice now! I cannot get my bank to cooperate so I had to cancel my back card! One billing title under phone number 888-233-9370 and the 2nd charge now is the same amount billed by Number 888-225-2798! Not real numbers! They lead to robotic nothingness! I don’t know what the heck this is and both phone numbers on my statement are different but it’s the same automated mess that isn’t even a real service number. It’s definitely fraud of some sort & possibly something online. And my bank isnt helpful I need this reported and if someone can help resolve this and return my money and keep it from happening again I’d be grateful!

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