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Kelli – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 45233

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was looking on google to find a puppy to purchase online. Found a website by the name Heritage Chihuahuas.  Here in after referred to as (“Buyer”), pays the sum of SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTHY DOLLARS ($750.00) to purchase a male Chihuahua puppy named “GALAXY”, herein after referred to as (“PUPPY”), born on Sunday, 23 February 2020  as advertised and photographed on the website Google from VERRET CHRIST herein after referred to as (“Seller”) with the following:     WARRANTIES        (1)    Puppy eyes is CERF cleared.               (2)    Puppy have been issued a written Health                      Warranty attesting to the above.                (3)    Puppy have been properly dewormed at ages 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.     (4)    Dog have received his distemper, measles and parainfluenza vaccine at age 6-8 weeks OR its DHPP (distemper, adenovirus, parainflenza and parvovirus) Vaccination as age 8 weeks.    (5)  Puppy is guaranteed genetically healthy for one year. Should this             Puppy become gravely ill or die of a genetic defect before one year of age, breeder        will provide replacement Puppy when one becomes available Written proof or in the event of death, a necropsy from a certified veterinarian must be                  provided. No medical or travel charges will be reimbursed.  (6)     This Puppy has been vaccinated by a veterinarian against upper                respiratory infections and have a vet check before leaving the breeder. 


(7) Puppy will be transported to Buyer from Seller by air transport in a IATA compliant pet crate. The Puppy will be delivered to Buyer’s home address: 6808 gravely drive. Cincinnati. Ohio 45233 (8)     Puppy are microchipped               (9)       Seller is the true and legal owner of the Puppy.      (10)     Puppies are sold free of any claims or liens.             (11)     Seller will defend against charges of every kind of all persons whom    may Claim Any legal rights to said Puppy.                (12)         If for any reason buyer cannot keep Puppy it will be returned to the breeder for placement with no refund or replacement. Keeping them on the same diet in a new environment lessens the chance of digestive upset. That while they come with food to take them for like 2 weeks,           (13)     This Puppy will not be used for breeding. Buyer is providing a lifetime home for this Puppy.This Puppy will be kept indoors unless supervised. This Puppy will receive prompt veterinary care when needed. This Puppy will be kept clean/free of parasites and have veterinary care when needed. 

          (14)    Lastly if ever the Puppy is not delivered as agreed or upon delivery it is not the Puppy the buyer paid an ordered for, we will be refunding them the 750$ which they are to pay or provide replacement if they so desire 

             (15)   Upon signing of this document, you become the new owner of the puppy and promise to show love and offer care and time to the puppy. 


 REGISTRATION       Upon confirmation of payment in the amount of SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY($750.00) DOLLARS, which includes the purchase price of Puppy and air transportation, Seller agrees to take immediate action not to exceed fourteen (14) calendar days to execute all necessary papers to transfer ownership and registration of puppy to Buyer and forward documentations        EXECUTION OF AGREEMENT      


DATE Wednesday, 29 April 2020          


VERRET CHRIST, Seller            DATE Wednesday, 29 April 2020    

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