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Dustin – Jun 12, 2020

Victim Location 08046

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Information from the website reads:

Our stunning Yorkie and Pomeranian Puppies

We are a family-owned and operated breeder of quality Yorkie and Pomeranian Puppies.

I believe this is a scam because the address given above is where the person alleged that the puppy will be shipped from, but when he was communicating he was indicating that he is in Wisconsin. The person (or people because a woman was involved in the conversation) behind this scam is offering puppies for sale at a "discounted price" of $750. Being in another state means that an additional $150 will be added for shipping for a total of $900 for the dog. He is also offering some items to come with the dog. You are asked to cash app the money or purchase master/Visa cards from CVS, Walgreens or any pharmacy to get the money to him. He is also promising that the dog will be shipped by plane and will then be driven to your home. He is also promising that the dog will arrive within 48 hours of him receiving the money. Once he receives the money, he is then asking for an additional $980 for insurance to cover the shipment of dog, and saying that the dog cannot be shipped unless the insurance is paid. The person asking for the insurance money (the person made a phone call – sounded like an asian male) stated that he is driving the puppy in his car and needs the insurance money to cover the dog in case of an accident. Unbelievable that the shipment method changed from plane to driving a dog several miles across States. He was alluding that the insurance was for a separate company.

He had agreed to half of the money and the other half once the dog was received by us. After our conversation regarding the insurance, and when he heard we were not going to pay the insurance money, he tried to convince us to sent the other half of the money for the dog so that "he can try to make arrangements regarding the insurance and let us pay the insurance when the dog gets to us" (something that didn’t make sense). We did not pay anymore monies, so no insurance meant no dog and no refund, because we asked for a refund back and communication ceased. We were communicating via text messaging most of the time. Only verbal conversation was regarding the insurance payment.

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