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Nicolas –

Victim Location 55421

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I came across hamrtool.com when I was browsing social media. Honestly, it sounded good – you get FREE watches, just pay $9.95 shipping, in return for good word of mouth to friends and family. I looked up the website, and there was no report on it. I saw that the website was new, so I cancelled out of it. Later on, I got an email from them: "Not willing to pay shipping for a $100 watch? Look, we have already paid for the watch for you. All you have to pay is the shipping!" from [email protected] Okay, I thought, I will get two to try, since they also said that multiple orders will have combined shipping.

As I checked out, the next page said, basically (not word per word): since you ordered two, why don’t we throw in this one for free to give to a friend to try?

I said yes three time to a three different offer and said no on one. Guess what the next page said?! Congratulations on your $49.xx order!


Yes, I tried emailing them to cancel the other three. But wait a minute, it is a gmail account: [email protected] It dawned on me that this is totally a scam… I right away talked to my credit card company to see what I should do. They give me some suggestions on when to do a dispute. The next day, I tried contacting hamrtool again to cancel EVERYTHING since they are totally a scam! No response.

I waited and finally requested a dispute. I gave my credit card company all the info on times when I tried to contact them (all to no avail). So I was granted a chargeback.

Two weeks after the order, 13 days after the cancellation, and one week after the dispute, I received a package from China. Inside, there is a watch. Now who could be sending me a watch from China?! The scammer of course.

I looked at the website now and they have added more information on it that wasn’t there before. Such as, no refund on shipping (which is everything), that they would seek legal action if customer does a dispute through the bank (which is the only choice since they would not respond to any contact), etc etc etc.

So I tried to contact them again. This time, supposedly an Ashley will be responding. Nothing so far. But even if anyone respond, I doubt it will be Ashley since her story (https://hamrtool.com/pages/my-story) is totally fake. The picture of "Ashley and her son" was bought from another website <span title="(https://www.123rf.com/photo_64639476_positive-family-selfie-with-young-mommy-and-toothless-kid-smiling-together-on-white-background-playf.html).
(https://www.123rf.com/photo_64639476_positive-family-selfie-with-young-mommy-an… />
Please anyone, do not do not do not be a fool like me and fall for this!!!

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