Haniel Casterline

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Willie –

Victim Location 75246

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Yesterday, "Hanile Casterline" contacted me through my art website saying he wanted to purchase some paintings to surprise his wife. I sent him an inventory with pricing and he picked 3 pieces. It then got weird when he said he was an "ocean engineer" away on a "voyage in the North Atlantic" (haha) and would have his brother send a check of 4,000 more than the price since he is away. He said once the check "cleared" his shipping agent (he has a shipping agent because he is "moving from Florida to the Philippines") would be in touch to arrange the delivery and I was to then give him the 4,000. This [censored] of the earth’s plan was to have me send out 4,000 before the full amount was actually transferred from his bank to mine, thus leaving me responsible and funding his pitiful life.

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