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Tommy –

Victim Location 38558

Total money lost $295

Type of a scam Tech Support

My 78 year old father with dementia received a phone call today (11/29/16) from a gentleman who called himself Jason Rimworth at 855-393-4315. This gentleman told my father that the computer in my father’s house had a virus on it and that Jason was able to get rid of the virus from his end over the phone. The gentleman sounded convincing saying that this virus was slowing down the computer and other typical things that can happen from time to time. For a fee of $295.00 the virus would be cleaned and my father’s computer would be restored to good working order again. My father does not have full use of his faculties and doesn’t have sound judgement due to his dementia so he went ahead and provided his credit card details to Jason this evening. I found out about the phone call a few hours later and called the number myself. A gentleman who answered told me that Jason had left for the day and his name was Christian could he help me? I asked for the name of the business and where they were located and he told me the company name was Help Desk Experts and they are located in West Palm Beach, Florida. I then explained the situation and asked for an immediate refund of $295.00 on my father’s credit card. After I explained that my father has dementia Christian asked me what makes me think this is a fraudulent transaction? I responded that I just told you that my father who is 78 years old and who suffers from dementia and can not make sound decisions was just taken advantage of by your company. Christian assured me that the transaction would be voided and not charged. I then did a nationwide white page reverse look up on the phone number after I hung up and discovered that the phone number is located in Alton, Kansas. I then had my father call his credit card company to report the transaction as fraud and ask that they issue him a new card and monitor his current card number for possible fraud. His credit card company has just stopped his card and will proceed accordingly assuming that the company and the charge is fraudulent. Please do what you can to look into this company so that other innocent people, especially the elderly, are not taken advantage of by these disgraceful and dishonest people!

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