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Home Of Dachshund Puppies Scam or Legit? Check Home Of Dachshund Puppies Reviews below.
Shane –

Victim Location 80125

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been scammed while trying to buy a dog from a breeder online. I found this website while looking for my dream dog (mini dachshund) right away when I put in my info I was being contacted via email, and text. These people sent me pictures of the dog, the dogs parents, etc. When it came time for the dog to be shipped from TX to CO, they said that there was gonna be a stop in RI to drop off some other dogs. When my dog "arrived" to RI, we got a calling saying that the weather was too bad and the canceled the flight so she would be on a flight early the next day. The next day we got another call saying we had to give a additional $1700 for a crate so the dog could be shipped here, they tried to tell me that I would get the money back once we picked up the dog. I encourage anyone who wants to buy a dog online to go pick up the dog, and DONT make a large deposit before seeing the animal.

Lori –

Victim Location 92869

Total money lost $762

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My daughter wanted to buy a puppy from this website. I looked at the website and looked legite. I gave the person a call Gael Folla @469-207-1973. I made arrangements with him to pay for the puppy. He said send money by moneygram in the amnt. of $600 for the puppy and $150 for the shipping. I thought that OK due to fact mom and pop breeder. After sending him the money I got a txt from the shipping service Pets Air relocation stating I needed to pay extra $1800 for an electronic crate. The wanted me to pay some Mason Kesia $900 at walmart cash money order and then another $900 through moneygram. That seemed fishy. Spoke to Gael and said why pay for this with 2 money orders doesn’t make sense. He stated used them for last 2yrs. When looked them up only been around 6mos. Then they said ok just go to moneygram and send $1800 to person Nadege Ninantan in Oklahoma. When tried to send money moneygram asked lots of question and said this was a scam. Now trying to get my money back from Gael Folla but he hasn’t returned my txt or phone calls. I’m doing this so no other children get disappointed.

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