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Margaret –

Victim Location 92392

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Employment

There was an add on Indeed saying work from home, as a Warehouse Distributor, They seemed legit, I had a interview dud my paperwork to work, w-4 , sent in my ID and ssn, I got my employee number and login info to find out when I will receive packages I, then I will get them, take pictures of them ship them off with a per-paid label I print out, I would get paid 30 dats after my 1st order, once it became my payday and 2 weeks later my check still haven’t came if after they said they mail ed it in the 3rd, I saud I’ll come pick it up from the office, I went to the office paid 23.00 in parking to pick up my 2350.00 paycheck and we found the company does b’s exist tgere, and The guard says looks like you been scammed, so I started callung, My so called supervisor had blocked my number, payroll wouldn’t respond to my emails and the 800 would b’s actually go anywhere, and when I tried to logun to my account all of a sudden it’s down for mantience and hasn’t been back up, I had a friend send messages to make sure it was me there blocking and it wasn’t really a company sitation and they were responding to her messages

Erika –

Victim Location 90001

Type of a scam Employment

Was offered $2500 to stay at home and pack & mail products. They’re asking for personal information including a photo of self holding drivers license. They also expect me to supply all packing materials. Fines are also part of the scam. If you don’t get packages out in 24 hour window. I would be paying to do there work?

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