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Philip –

Victim Location 11105

Type of a scam Employment

Answered job ad placed on Glassdoor.com for data entry position with HWIN LLC company claiming they are a leading consulting & technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions. Interview & conversations through Google Hangout. Person by the name of Cheryi Holland, the staffing/hiring manager involved throughput the conversation. Employee to undergo two weeks of training online through PC & phone. Company headquarters in Seattle, WA as well as accounting dept that was to be in charge of the company checks but the checks came from different locations, one from Houston, TX & one from Dekalb, IL. Checks were sent Priority Mail Express & FedEx Express. Checks from Capital One bank & First National bank. Employee was to deposit check into account & then withdraw the next day to deposit into vendors account, & the only way to get vendors info the funds had to be withdrawn first & go to either Bank of America or Wells Fargo bank, no other bank, she even gave a location near my bank for these banks. The funds were never withdrawn, alerted the ScamPulse.com & my bank. Very pushy staff member wanting everything done at a certain time 24-48 hrs, wanted deposit through ATM & asked to leave the bank premises immediately. Received two checks in the case one didn’t arrive in time. These checks were to purchase materials for the job which included the software & the Apple laptop; one check was in the amount of $3,862 & the other for $3,861. When I later informed her that I contacted the ScamPulse.com & my bank she later stopped texting.

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