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Theodore –

Victim Location 44667

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I am not sure whether I clicked on one of their ads by mistake through a job search on Google, or whether my email was shared by another site. I checked the first few emails I received, because in the preview, they promoted a job in my area that interested me. In each case, once the message was opened, I was unable to find the job that was being promoted in the subject line.

Their emails are relentless, and I suspect they are using more than one business name, such as Find Me A Job and Job Hat. Other emails look as though they were coming directly from the Employer. Gmail gives me the option of reporting spam from my trash folder, and shows the source. While deleting multiple emails (with various sender names) I found the same source was listed for many: 7201068.xt.local

I have tried multiple times to unsubscribe, the last time I realized it was “un-secure” and shut down immediately. I fear I fell for a spammy scam, and feel rather foolish about not being more careful/secure.

On other review sites, they appear to post fake positive reviews for themselves. They read like a “Nigerian Prince” letter.

I just started work for a non-profit that helps put people to work. My job is to find jobs. Hard lesson learned. From now on, I’ll just skip Google searches for jobs in my area, and stick to Indeed, Glassdoor and the local paper.

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