Kevin Mason–US Treasury

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Jaime –

Victim Location 74012

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call from 669-235-4484. An automated message was left by a Kevin Mason. He said he was "calling regarding an enforcement action, executed by the US Treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense." I returned the call to Kevin Mason. He asked if I was calling on the same number that received the message. He then asked for my name. He pulled up my file and said that the IRS was charging me with tax evasion on 3 counts. When asked what the counts were he said abusing US services, misrepresenting my finances, and willfully frauding the government. He said there was evidence that I miscalculated my finances and owed over 3,000 dollars. He said they had tried to contact me and send me documents but no one responded to the calls, nor was anyone present to receive the documents. He said my name had been given to a criminal investigation unit and that in 2 hours a sherif and 6 officers would appear to arrest me and take me to jail. He kept emphasizing that if I hung up the police would appear because I was refusing to cooperate. I was given the choice to settle this matter in or out of court. If I chose to settle in court I would be arrested today and spend time in jail until my trial. Once I said I would like to settle out of court he told me he would transfer me to his head officer. He put me on hold and acted like a police officer. He told me his "name." I asked for his badge number and office phone number. The phone number was bogus and had too many numbers (I’m sure the badge number was bogus too). When I told him I wanted to see documentation and call my lawyer he said a lawyer could not help. If I hung up the phone I was refusing to cooperate with a federal investigation and would be arrested. I recorded the conversation and proceeded to call my lawyer on another phone. He wanted to know how much was in my account, whether I wanted to pay by credit card or cash. He wanted me to go to the store and wanted addresses of stores around me. When I refused to answer his questions he called me a liar saying that I knew how much money I had in my account and was refusing to cooperate with resolving the investigation. He then hung up after threatening me with jail time. I called my lawyer and she said the IRS never call over the phone like that. I also called my local police department to see if a warrant had been posted for my arrest and to report that someone was impersonating a police officer.

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