Kia of DTLA

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Jack –

Victim Location 90305

Type of a scam Other

KIA of DTLA gave us a payoff amount for 2015 leased Kia. Accepted cashier check for amount quoted and provided.. They sent their KIA finance an amount @*** dollars short of payoff check, and now sending letters for me to pay difference. They used unethical bullying tactics. They kept me there for hours trying to get me to finance thru them and refused to give me payoff info. They quoted one per centage rate and had another higher rate in contract, when I refused to sign, the man became agry and yelled at me telling me to get out and would not give me payoff info. They called me 2-3 times a week for months prior to my going in to get payoff info, promising no early pay off fee, importance of doing it now. I am elder. They must be stopped they are harrassing,bullying, lying and trying to collect THOUSANDS more than they are entitled too. They are sending letters to collect from me money that was paid to them by cashiers check, but that they did not pay their finance company. They prey on the vunerable, elderly, poor, etc. They must be stopped.

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